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#86 How a ghostwriter can help you unlock your book

Many business professionals who have published a book have found that it was a major career milestone; one that helped them put their career on a fast track to success. I’ve talked about this previously in my blog.

But the sheer effort of writing the text (called a “manuscript”) of your book can be daunting. Maybe you’ve started a book – you wrote an outline, a few pages of text, or a few chapters – and it’s stalled on your computer’s hard drive.

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#85 Why is it so hard to get speaking gigs at your ideal clients’ events?

One of the challenges I’ve had in getting speaking gigs to the people I most want as clients is one that you may be facing as well – what you want to talk about is not always what they want to hear.

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#84 4 ways to earn money from thought leadership

So, maybe you’ve been putting a lot of work in to blogging, social media, speaking engagements and other ways to get recognized as a thought-leader in your field. That’s time you can’t bill your clients for, and you can’t get that time back. And you may be wondering, is there actually money at the end of all of this effort?

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#83 Show that you help clients with their “right now” problems

You want your articles, blog posts, speeches and other content to help you gain clients, right? So, would it be better for you to create content that focuses on (1) what you want to say to the universe, or (2) meeting the information needs of your ideal clients, and showing how you can help them?

In case you were wondering, the correct answer is (2). That is the whole focus of this blog, Your Expertise Edge – helping you show potential clients that you can help them achieve their goals, by providing really useful information and making it available to them.

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#82 Why you need to get your ideas into trade publications

If you’re like most business professionals, you’d rather put your time into actually doing the work you love, rather than doing what it takes to get that work. So, wouldn’t you want to pick work-getting methods that are the best able to attract the clients you most want to serve?

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#81 How to create “how-to” content that actually helps your clients

Do you want your articles, blog posts, videos, speeches and other content to be sought out by your ideal clients? And when they’ve found it, do you want them to see you as someone who has workable ideas to offer them?

One way to do that is to focus your content on “how-to” themes.

In this post, you’ll learn what a how-to is, the role it plays in your thought leadership program, how to pick themes for your content, what topics to avoid, and how to structure your content effectively. So yes, this is a how-to about how-to’s.

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#80 How to defend your vital repeated cash flow sources

If you’re like many business professionals, your source of financial stability – a steady flow of repeat work – is also your greatest source of risk. This post will give you some ways to add some predictability in your life, so that you can rest easy (or at least “easier”) about keeping that client base intact.

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#79 5 ways to get your ideas into media your clients trust

One of the best ways to make sure your ideas get in front of the people you want as clients is to be where they’re looking.

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#78 What working in sales taught me about thought leadership

Are you working hard on being recognized as a subject-matter expert or thought-leader in your field? And you haven’t yet been invited to address the Davos conference, write an opinion piece in The Economist, or give a TED talk?

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