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Does your firm need to show it can add value in lucrative but hard-to-reach markets? We help make that easy by doing one thing really, really well – getting your firm’s ideas published in niche media that are trusted by your firm’s ideal clients.

You can count on us to work with your firm’s professionals to create effective content, find the right niche media, and get your message published.
And our promise to you is: YOU PAY FOR RESULTS, NOT EFFORT. If we can’t get that article published, you don’t owe us a cent.


The Explorer

Dig into your ideal clients’ world, with the help of the world’s leading media database, to find out which niche publications are good vehicles for your firm’s message.

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Speedy Success

We’ll work with one of your firm’s key professionals to help them create and publish an article that shows their expertise, as a quick “win” for you.

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Thought Leader

Claim a position in your ideal clients’ world by publishing a series of three articles, to be re-packaged as the text of an e-book or white paper showing thought leadership.

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Latest in Thought Leadership Resources

#90 How a ghostwriter can help you grow your voice

  • “I know I need to produce thought leadership content, but I don’t have the time.”
  • “I hate writing, and people tell me it shows in what I write.”
  • “I tried writing articles, but they kept getting turned down by editors, so I stopped.

If any of these statements describes you, you’re not alone. A lot of business professionals want to get their ideas published, but it seems like an insurmountable mountain to climb. But there is a ghostly answer to all of these concerns – specifically, a ghostwriter.

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#89 Why you need to stop writing case studies

Case studies are the thought leadership content type of choice for a lot of business professionals. For many, case studies are the first type of content they can think of, and maybe dominate the content they produce.

That’s wrong.

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#88 Two elements every piece of thought leadership content must include

For many business professionals, thought leadership content is all about helping to grow the sum total of human expertise – their contribution to making the world a better place. And that’s one reason I just love working with these people. They have significant expertise, and they want to share it.

But for an article, blog post, video, podcast recording or other content to be effective as a business development tool, it has to persuade the other person to make a change. Specifically, you want that content to generate some kind of action.

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Access a weekly e-mailed resource that shows you the steps you can take to become recognized for your expertise. You’ll learn about topics like:

  • How to design informative content that shows your expertise to potential clients
  • Practical ideas on how to make social media work for you
  • How to get your ideas published in niche media already trusted by your clients

It’s all delivered in practical, accessible steps designed for independent business professionals who want to do more of the work that they love, and less time selling.

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