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# 55 Create content that engages clients, not just you

Why do you divert time from other uses (like sleep, or billable work …) to create blog posts, prepare and present speeches, as well as write articles for publication? I’d say that this activity has just one purpose. It’s to help you get noticed and stand out, so you can get more of the work you want to do, become the preferred choice in your field, and earn more.

Given that focus, wouldn’t you want those blog posts, speeches, articles and other content to be as effective as they can be?


#52 How your blog can pull you into the kind of work you want to do (and for more money)

In this newsletter, I’ve so far avoided the topic of blogging – even though this newsletter is really a blog. And not that I’m bragging (well, I suppose I am), this blog has now been publishing for a year, which is some kind of a gauge of success. The number of subscribers keeps on climbing, unsubscribes remain low, and metrics indicate a pretty high “open” rate.

#51 What media fragmentation means for building your professional profile

Once upon a time in America, if an event didn’t get covered on the six o’clock news of CBS, NBC or ABC, it was like it didn’t happen. There were “major news media,” and there were those that didn’t matter.

In a business context too, there were major media like Fortune and the Wall Street Journal, as well as specialty publications like Engineering News Record – titans that stood like gatekeepers, between “sources” with expertise to offer, and the readers of those publications.

#50 Three reasons why your professional opinion needs to be heard

Some of the technical professionals I’ve worked with don’t think much of marketing. “My work speaks for itself,” they say. “Do good work, build your reputation, and clients will find you.” A number of the people who’ve told me this take an understandable pride in having built a practice and a reputation that brings in repeat work and referrals.
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